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Hypno-Domination – Submit to me!


I have received numerous requests for hypnosis recordings using MP3s and I am now able to provide these. I will be adding more hypnosis programs soon

The first hypnosis program is a quick induction so that I can put you under hypnosis whenever I want using a simple command. You will need listen to this program before you can use my other hypnosis programs

This next hypnosis program turns you into my sissy pantie wearing bitch

The hypnosis program below is to turn you into my little wanker. it comes in two parts. The first part implants a trigger in your mind, the second one is to activate it.

Activation of My Little Wanker – this forces you to wank helplessly under my command until you cum

The button below is chastity/orgasm control for one month.

The button below is for chastity/orgasm control for three months

The hypnosis program below is for enjoying CP

I can also put you under hypnosis and take you to a different world. This one has me controlling your sexuality and pimping you out to women to use as their sex toy.

I can also remove hypnosis programs. The one below is to remove all hypnosis programs and gives your mind a good spring clean.

I can also remove them one at a time. Use this one if you’ve got one that you think may be causing you problems

My hypnosis program below is for those who enjoy the process of being out under hypnosis. I also use it for those who have trouble achieving a deep hypnotic trance. This program does not require you to listen to the quick induction trigger program.

By purchasing and using my hypnosis programs you are stating that you are an adult and that you take full responsibility for any consequences that may arise from using these.

Whilst the vast majority of people can be put under hypnosis to a greater or lesser extent, hypnosis programs do not come with guarantees that they will work.