Forced Bi

fdf-ea-bandb-6.jpgThis is a hugely popular fantasy. Some men just like to fantasise about it, others to act it out.

For those who like to fantasise about it, I do cock sucking training and anal strapon training (and where appropriate dress you as a slut as well) while telling you in detail what will happen to you when you are made to suck cock for real (or course this particular event can be left in the dim and distant future if you are just into fantasising about it)

The usual reason men want to do this is because they enjoy the idea of sucking a man’s cock (or severel men’s cocks) because they are being forced to do so by a dominatrix for her amusement, pleasure and entertainment. They may be tied up and grabbed by the hair or ears, while the man’s cock is forceably pushed into their mouths.

The sort of cock and the sort of situation varies. Some men like to suck a TV’s cock, nicely framed by sexy black garters above sheer, lace top stockings.

Others like to be turned into the slut themselves, and dressed in slutty outfits. Perhaps a tight corset, nipping in their waist and causing their hi[s to flair out in a womanly curve. Stockings and an incredibly short mini skirt which reveals their flimsy panties. Perhaps a pair of large, soft tits filling out a sexy bra and a pretty wig making them look like the slut of their fantasies..

Other men just like to stay as men and be forced to suck cock without changing role.

Being forced to suck cock is the most popular fantasy, but some men like to be fucked up the arse as well.

I’ve arranged many of these sessions. Sometimes with just one man coming in to abuse the slut, sometimes with several. I’ve also joined in and the slut gets treated to a spit roast.

The men I bring in do it for fun so are only available after 6pm.

One problem with forced bi sessions is there are men who think that they want to do it for real but then change their mind at the last moment, but don’t want to admit this.

Now I don’t have any problem with a man booking a session, turning up for it, and then realizing after he’s arrived, that he doesn’t actually want the forced bi element.

That is honest enough and doesn’t cause problems.

What does cause problems is, if the man realizes he isn’t up for it, then cancels twenty minutes before with some ludicrous excuse, in order to get out of paying for the session that he’s booked.

I’ve had to leave the country, I’ve broken my ankle, the cat’s sick)

Since forced bi sessions attract far more of this sort of problem than any other session, I’ve had to insist that anyone who hasn’t visited me before, and who wants forcd bi, must send a £50 deposit to my box number. If you wish to do this you need to allow three working days for it to get to me.

But if you like the idea of forced bi, but are doubtful if you would actually do it for real, then you will enjoy some of the films that 0 has on offer.

I recommend Blackmailed and Buggered if you want to see a man being put to work by a dominatrix, the cuckold if you like the idea of forced bi in a domestic environment, Bondage Bi Tease, if you like the idea of being tied up by a Dominatrix and then abused by her pretty TS maid, or forced bi sex slaves if you like the idea of being forced to have group sex by a Dominatrix.


  1. T says:

    Hi Mistress Rebecca,

    I am unfortunately one of the many that fantasies about this on on a very regular basis but have yet to actually go through with it.

    Partly because the fantasy is getting more and mroe extreme. Started off as just forceable taken by a strap on, but has over the last few years developed into being forced into being a whore. Group sex sessions made to pleasure multiple guys pretty much anyway possible. The forced fem element adds to it quite a bit as it is then an alter ego making it easier for the ‘social barriers’ to be kicked to one side.

    Apart from the usual apprehention which would stop a lot of guys going through it, the big thing that is holding me back is one of fear for my own safety. Not just from sti’s but also from being taken too hard (in the fantasy I am taken hard for a sustained period of time with a group taking turns).

    Any way you think you could eleviate some of these concerns?



  2. Hello T

    I suspect its the usual thing about fantasies needing to get more extreme to get people to a climax?

    But doing any sort of bi is going to be pretty powerful when done for real, so it won’t need to be nearly as extreme.

    That’s why people who ask for bi sometimes drop out – they get a bit overwhelmed about doing any sort of bi after just fantasising about it.

    Mind you – if it is Master Steel then you WILL get fucked really hard – however nobody has come to any harm from this.

    Also you’ll have a safeword.

    Agony Aunt Winter

  3. nasty says:

    Dear Mistress Rebecca,
    Do you think you can change a little your scenario so that:

    a)You are present all the time during the session together with Master Steel and the other guy.

    b)You force me to confess that I am a homosexual and want to be fucked by the two men.

    c) I change my mind and don’t want to be fucked, I resist and, while the two men hold me by my arms, you kick me full force in the nuts with your pointed shoes, incapacitating me and making me unable to resist any more.

    e)The two men fuck me, one after the other and I suck their cocks while you stare at me and squeeze my nuts as hard as you can.

    Can this be done? Is it costing extra?

  4. Forced bi sessions require an advance deposit if you haven’t been to me before. Please see my FAQs and Contact Me pages for details

  5. sally says:

    hi Mistress,

    i have a fantasy where Mistress puts me to work as Her whore,Mistress fucks me with Her cock,then decides i need real dressed really slutty,heels,tiny skirt,stockings etc..
    im taken to a room,shackled over a table,skirt up knickers down.i hear Mistress talking and can hear mens voices to,You’re agreeing a price for me,Mistress brings 3 men over and says use her as you wish,im force fed cock,whilst being fucked 3 men taking turns.
    is this sort of thing possible?
    im serious and would love to hear from You Mistress