Contact & info

I have stopped domming in order to be able to concentrate on my other work projects.

I would like to thank everyone who has visited me in the past for the fun and interesting sessions we had together.

I am still selling hypnosis and domination MP3s. If you would like me to write a hypnosis program for you then please contact me hypnosis(@), first of all removing the brackets from around the @ of course!

Fee for writing and recording tailor made hypnosis programs is £50. The hypnosis program can only cover one subject. If you want various subjects covered then you will need more than one hypnosis program.

I suggest that you experiment with just one hypnosis program to begin with.

All hypnosis programs that I sell require you to install my hypnosis short cut before they will work. I will supply this free to people buying my £50 tailor made hypnosis programs.

If you buy one of my off-the-shelf hypnosis programs (which are very good value) then you must also buy and install the hypnosis program short cut and listen to this before using the hypnosis program that you are interested in

If you do not install the hypnosis short cut prior to buying and listening to the hypnosis program then the hypnosis program will not work! Simple as that.