Mistress Rebecca’s Leather Clothes and Boots

Mistress Rebecca is selling her personal leather clothing

As many of you know, I stopped domming so that I can concentrate on other projects

I’m therefore selling my gorgeous leather session clothes. All have been worn by me numerous times and are sexy and sweaty and have stretched to fit my gorgeous curvy body like a glove. I’m also selling my favourite sjambok whip.

All items are subject to bids and I will sell to the highest bidder. You are not permitted to know what anyone else has bid for a particular item

Black Leather Stiletto Thigh Boots

These are very soft leather and you will be transported to paradise when your bury your nose inside them.

Because the leather is so soft they have stretched a lot since their original UK size 6.5 and, if you are a TV who likes the idea of trying on Mistress’s boots they will probably now fit up to a size 8.

Black Leather Opera Length Gloves

I bought these at a fetish market, though I can’t now remember which one. They are lovely soft and supple and you will get hours of pleasure from rubbing them over your thankless body whilst imaging I’m permitting you to enjoy that privilege

Black Leather Waist Cincher Corset

This is such a sexy item. I bought it from Dark October in San Francicso and have worn it hundreds of times.

Black Leather Thong with sexy front zip

I got this from Honour and it was part of my favourite all leather outfit, it’s stiff with sweat and Mistress Juices

Black Leather Waistcoat with zip and lacing detail

I got this hot item from London Fetish Market. The leather is very soft and supple. I always wore it next to my skin with no bra underneath (as I have a naturally large but firm bust)

Black Leather Sjambok Whip

I bought this from Princess Spider and it soon became my favourite whip. Its a beautiful tightly woven whip which will have you hopping with pain (when Mistress discovers you’ve been trying on her boots)

All payments are to be made via PayPal once the auction closes. I will send you details of how to make the payment. Do not attempt to make a payment using my hypnossis email as that is not the correct one to use.

Mistress Rebecca is no longer domming

As of Christmas 2014 I stopped seeing people for sessions. I still sell hypnosis and domination MP3s and will write individually tailored hypnosis programs for you and will send this to you as an MP3.

If you require this service then please email me hypnosis(@)rebeccawinter.com removing the brackets around the @ otherwise it won’t work

Heavy latex bondage with Mistress Rebecca Winter

Slave John attended my premises for a heavy latex bondage session including inflatable hood

Mistress Rebecca Winter subjects John to heavy latex bondage

Skin Two Magazine No 63 Out Now

Skin Two Magazine No 63 out now

Skin Two Magazine Number 63 is out now.

I know a lot of you are big fans of Sardax and there’s interesting info in the latest Skin Two Magazine about about his new line in portraits, something one most male subbies just won’t be able to resist.

Plus a fascinating article about the cultural history of SM and how the Marquis de Sade, Krafft-Ebing and Freud have earned us such disrepute.

and info on fetish nightlife, in particular the ever popular Fem Domme Club Pedestal. Lots more fascinating stuff in the latest Skin Two Magazine as well,  too much to list. Click on the pic above to find out more

But one really great thing is, you can now download Skin Two Magazine as a digital copy, so if your personal situation means you can’t have a magazine lying about the house, then you can download Skin Two Mag to your IPad, IPhone etc. and read it in complete privacy








Skin Two North

Skin Two North

For all you Northern subbies there’s a must do activity next weekend, because its  Skin Two North in Leeds.

Its on next Saturday – 1st September 2012

its got the fabulous Rosie Lugosi of Club Lash in Manchester, as the MC, star of Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Berlin and the North’s number one lesbian vampire poet and perv queen.

Click HERE to hear DJ Paul Domaster’s Skin Two North Mix.

Skin Two website has full details of the event click HERE to find out more